May 062014


           The teachers Morten Hanssen (Norwegian school coordinator), Gitte Klokkervol, Anna Taddeo (Italian school coordinator), Anna Bevacqua,Vito Musmeci, Günes Alagöz Acar, Savas Gurel, Isin Ozkardes Pehlivan, Mehmet Özbek, Marie Louise Malmström (Swedish school coordinator), Jenny Larsson,  Lars-Olof Liljebjörk, Thomas Ström, Ana Isabel Martín Doña, Patricia Robles Román, Candelaria Postigo García and Inmaculada Cepedello Dovao attended this initial meeting held in Eskilstuna.

    This was the first mobility for the students involved in the project. Our school was represented by students Ana López Rodríguez, Rocío Montalbán Titos, Nazaret Moreno Alonso and Paula Pino Montiel.   

You can find more information about this meeting on our project site:

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