“Ahead Creating a United International Scene or Innovation iN Europe:

a REstaurant Company In a Proactive Environment Working On its RisKS”:


SCHOOL YEARS 2013-2014 AND 2014-2015

I.E.S. Valle del Azahar will participate in the Comenius Project this and the following school year. It is financed by the European Union under the School Partnership Action. This is a multilateral partnership action in which students and teachers from Norway, Italy, Sweden and Spain will be able to get immersed into activities which enhance properly their abilities of entrepreneurship, employability and innovation as single individuals but above all and more significantly as a team working together.

The teacher Ana Isabel Martín Doña of the school “IES Valle del Azahar” in Estación de Cártama, Spain, is acting as general coordinator of the project. Ana Isabel Martín Doña has worked in collaboration with Inmaculada Cepedello Dovao in order to carry out this project. They both have worked on the development of the project program and have got the collaboration of the teachers from the schools of Norway, Italy and Sweden.

Ana Isabel Martín met one of our co-workers, the Swedish coordinator, Marie Louise Malmström, on another Comenius project.

Inmaculada Cepedello got the collaboration of the teachers from Italy and Norway. Anna Taddeo is acting as the Italian coordinator and Morten Hanssen is acting as the Norwegian coordinator.

With everyone working together in close collaboration, we have come up with this project, which has finally been approved and backed by the Spanish National Agency of European Education Programmes.

The aim of our project is the creation, implementation and further development of a simulated International Restaurant Company by all the members from the countries in the partnership. Our company will have got different sections or corners according to the number of participating partner countries.

Each particular Corner will be compound by students from the four different nationalities and will be managed by a student boss belonging to the specific country of the Corner. The Company will possess its own delegation at the school of each country.

On the other hand, the teachers from the different countries will play the role of the Company’s owners who have invested in it and expect the best output of it. To achieve this objective, the teachers from all the countries will have to monitor the company development and watch over its right functioning.

In addition, to promote a real enterprising spirit among the pupils it is crucial to train them to face risks successfully. Therefore, the teachers in each mobility will launch a risk that will affect the company stability. The students will provide possible solutions to overcome this problem and the teachers in turn will evaluate the students’ different proposals and decide which one is the best for the company’s sake.