The teachers Morten Hanssen (Norwegian school coordinator), Anna Taddeo (Italian school coordinator), Anna Bevacqua, Marie Louise Malmstrom (Swedish school coordinator), Jenny Larsson and Lars-Olof Liljebjörk attended this initial meeting held at our school.

Its goal was to establish how the programmed activities will be carried out in the four participating countries during the course of this two year project.

In the initial meeting, the general activity schedule was also established along with how the teachers and pupils will be moved around and what means of communication will be used in order to plan and carry out the work during the course of the two year project.

Sweden is going to be the first destination for the project. Teachers and students are going to visit Rinmangymnasiet in Eskilstuna, Sweden, in March, 2014

The second destination for the project is going to be Norway. We are going to visit  Setesdal videregåande skule in Hornnes, Norway, in October, 2014. 

Italy is going to be the third destination for the project. All the schools involved in the project are going to visit IIS Ugo Mursia, in Palermo, Italy in March, 2015.

Spain is going to host the Comenius team again in May, 2015. This is going to be the last destination for the project.

Our Comenius team received the teachers on the 27th, 28th and 29th of November. We showed them our city, customs, people and food.

They visited our school and were received with great enthusiasm. During their visit they talked to our teachers and exchanged ideas about each other’s educational experiences. Our pupils received them with great excitement and they really showed interest and curiosity for the countries involved in the project.

We would like to thank IES Valle del Azahar teachers for their collaboration in the development of the activities carried out during this week.

We  do appreciate their effort and enthusiasm.

We are really happy we could count on their participation that helped to make this educational experience an unforgettable one.

You can find more information about this meeting on our project site: